• Technology Research

research performance

1Billet torch cutter machine Localization2015-08
2Blocking apparatus for high pressure water scattering in final millImprovement2014-08
3Automatic apparatus of Cheek plate welder & grinder Development2013-12
4Structure of skimmer cover and connecting cover Improvement2013-04
5Installation cooling jacket for cover life extension Improvement2013-04
6Dust recycling Improvement2013-04
7Improvement tundish preheater frame for life extension Improvement2012-09
8Improvement tilting runner cover for dust collection efficiency Development2011-12
9Secure penetration angle of tuyere Development2011-09
10Mud gun nozzle tip Development2011-08
11Expansion of internal diameter of Bend piece and sighthole coverImprovement2011-08
12Prevent deformation of splash coverImprovement2011-08
13Center insertion type lance for pulverized coal Development2011-06
14Improvement manipulator for preventing of cover tilting Improvement2011-05
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